Monday, November 10, 2008


Today I am 4weeks and 6 days pregnant. Almost 5 weeks. I got my first 'congrats' card in the mail today. Very sweet from my sister-n-law. She is always sooooo good about sending cards right away for everything.

Reading a fellow bloggers post gave me the idea for this post. Check out Selmada's blog. Hers is about cravings, or the lack thereof. I am going to write about symptoms. I secretly want to feel the symptoms of pregnancy because that is the only way I can 'feel' pregnant. I am sure that if I get bad morning sickness I am going to kick myself for saying this, but I want to FEEL pregnant. Here are the things I am feeling:

Hungry, ummm, CONSTANTLY! I go from fine to famished in about four seconds! The problem is that nothing ever sounds good. Once I am hungry I know I need to eat, and I need to eat NOW but I can't think of anything that sounds good. I am definitely NOT craving anything. Since nothing sounds good I have been eating pretty healthy so that is good.

Tender breasts- usually, the weak before AF shows up, my breasts are extremely sore. I have to hold them when I walk up and down the stairs so they don't bounce even the slightest little bit. This month, the week before they never got tender or sore. "How lucky!' I thought. Until yesterday, then Surprise! they hurt again. So now I feel like I do just before AF.

Tired-somewhat. Last week I was in Dallas all week for work and I was definitely ready to go to bed around 9:00, but that could have just been because of busy days. The last couple days I am tired but I dont know if it is a lot more than normal, I dont really think so.

So, am I crazy for secretly hoping for some symptoms? Probably, but I just want to 'feel' pregnant.

I am so anxious to start buying stuff too! I was looking around online today and ordered a couple maternity items that were clearanced from Mimi Maternity. Here are pics:

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They are quite patterned! Of course I will pair each of them with something solid to tone it down a bit. I wont be into maternity clothes for awhile but I thought they were good deals so I thought I would take advantage of it.

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