Sunday, November 16, 2008

How many?

I have been SO tired this week! I go out to do something for a little while and I am exhausted! Yesterday, my husband and I went furniture shoping for about an hour and a half, then I met a friend of mine for lunch and about an hour of shopping. By the time I got home I was BEAT! I slept in front of the fireplace for a couple hours then was still tired. I hope this doesnt last long. Next week I will be in Chicago for work. I will have meetings all day and into the evening. I dont know how I am going to manage without a nap in middle of the day. I have it made right now working from home, I can just take a nap when I need to. But when I am traveling for work I am usually busy morning till night.

So, my Husband REALLY wants triplets, or at least twins. I think he is nuts! Most guys are terrified of having more than one, not my husband! Every time he refers to the baby he says "the babies", plural. He tells me al lthe time that I am eating for four, and gives me 3 kisses to send down to the babies. I am not superstitious but, jeez, I hope he isnt jinxing me! Not that that is possible. I will be absolutely greatful with whatever I am having, and feel blessed that I am even pregnant in the first place. But I do prefer to have one baby at a time. He has me worried that I am carrying three! With how hungry I am I wouldnt doubt it!

My vision doesnt help at all. This is what I cant stop picturing: I have been on Clomid which enhances ovulation but I wasnt on it because of not ovulating. So I picture it making me superovulate. Then, during surgery they found that my ovaries were fused together with other organs. So, what I am picturing is that all these months I have been trying to ovulate but because my ovaries were fused the eggs couldnt come out. Then, my ovaries were freed and I am picturing all these backed up eggs bursting out and getting fertilized. I know that medically, I am probably waaaay off, but I still keep picturing that. I wish I was getting an ultra sound at my first appointment. I would really like to know how many babies are in there. I am sure it is only one, but I have this nagging image in the back of my head!

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Selmada said...

I definately understand the u/s wait!!! It will come soon enough.
In the meantime, make hubby do all the work. If he insists you have many then you will be restricted a lot more.
My ovaries are also fused. They dont really understand the female inner workings and dont seem to care too much to try to find out why these things happen.