Thursday, January 8, 2009

All kinds of updates

Wow, it sure has been awhile since I have posted!! So this will be a bunch of hodgepodge randomness...

Christmas- was relaxing. I went to my extended family's Christmas get-together which was lots of fun the weekend before Christmas. My husband was supposed to join me down there but ended up getting snowed in at home. I traveled over early to go to a Red Wings game for my little bro's 21st birthday. Then we got 12 inches of snow so John couldnt make it.

Then for Christmas John was sick so we had a very low key day. His Mom and sister came over for dinner, we exchanged gifts, and watched a movie. It was very relaxing.

New Years Eve was similar. Good friends of ours came over for a few hours but left before midnight. John and I were in bed at about 11:oo, we didnt make it to midnight. Lame! I know!!

I had my 2nd doctors appointment on Tuesday. John went with me this time so he got to hear the heartbeat. He thought that was really cool! I am now in my second trimester. I only gained 1 pound my first trimester, I was surprised since it seams like I was always hungry during the first three months. I am also in maternity pants now so the 1 lb gain was surprising. How am I busting out of my jeans with only a 1lb gain? Weird!

I am starting to experience some of that renewed energy I keep hearing that people get in the 2nd trimester. I starting organinzing things, and getting things in order for the baby. We have picked out nursery furniture. Click here to see what we chose. The stock photo is not the color we will be getting. Picture it in an espresso color.

We also decided on cloth diapering as apposed to disposables. There are a lot of options out there in the cloth diaper world, it can be a little overwhelming to choose but I think we figured out what we are going to use.

I also got a used bassinet. I just couldnt see spending a hundred dollars or so on a little bed that will only be used for a short time when we are already spending quite a few hundred on the crib. I got a used one for $15 that is in great shape and will work perfectly!

And I just purchased a Madela Pump in Style breast pump. I got a very good deal on that as well! I feel like things are starting to come together! We are starting to purchase things we need, make decisions, etc. Now if we could just agree on a name! I guess we will still have quite a bit of time, though.

I think that is pretty much all of my updates right now. I have been feeling really good. And, one of the best things is that my husband is back in town! No more out of town work for awhile! Lucky him he got to miss all the morning sickness!