Monday, December 15, 2008

Whiney Post

When you are reading this, read it in a really whiney voice because that is how I feel as I am writing it! I am really really tired of spending my entire first trimester alone. John is out of town through the week and has been since the week before I found out I am pregnancy. The weekend before last I was out of town for a conference the whole weekend so I didnt get to see my husband for two weeks. The weekends are way too short, he usually doesnt feel like doing anything most of the weekend because he has been gone all week and I usually want to do something because I have been by myself all week.

I also work from home, so I dont even see people during the day while working. I spend all day and all night by myself and it gets pretty boring! It wouldnt be so bad if I was just spending evenings alone and I was around people all day at work. But I dont.

It also doesnt help that I have had morning sickness so bad that all I feel like doing is laying on the couch when I am not in the bathroom. But I am starting to feel better now, I think that is why it is getting to me more now.

Sorry to whine, normally I love working from home. Just not when John is out of town and I am alone all day and night.

Next post will be less blubbering!

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