Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sub-Chorionic Hematoma

I had my first appointment yesterday with my OB. I started having some very slight spotting on Sunday and a little on Monday morning, and some of my other symptoms also eased up A LOT Monday and Tuesday so I was really worried about the baby. So I had an ultrasound to see how the baby was doing and to see why I was spotting. What a little peanut!! Hearing the heart beating was amazing! I started crying as soon as I heard it!

After seeing that the baby was doing great the ultrasound technician tried to find out the reason for the spotting. She found a sub-chorionic hematoma near the placenta. Apparently, it is bleeding and bruising. The ultrasound tech downplayed it and didnt seem to think it was a big deal but I didnt talk to my doc after the ultrasound so I dont know if it is a big deal or not. I did some research online and that scared me a bit! Most of what I read said that you should take it very easy to reduce the chance of miscarrying and most people end up on bedrest. I really hope that doesnt happen!!

So here are pictures of the ultrasound:

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the moore family said...

Starr! I told you to not look it up. Silly goose. :)

Starr Morgan said...

I know, Heather! You told me not too, but that is easier said than done!!