Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeling green

I havent posted in awhile. I havent done much of anything, actually! A few posts back I said I just want to 'feel' pregnant and followed that up with a comment on how I would be kicking myself for saying that. Well, I am kicking myself now! I have been soooo sick the past couple weeks. Nausea all. day. long! I dont vomit often I just feel like it all the time. I wish I would just throw up because I usually feel better afterwards. For a little while anyways.

So I now definitely feel pregnant. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow and I have almost every symptom the books list. I dont sleep very well, I am exhausted all the time, nausea that doesnt stop, and can we talk tender breasts!?! I didnt know they could hurt that bad! I bought a couple of sleep bras and those help a lot but they still hurt all night.

So the post about wanting to feel pregnant was stupid! I should have never wished that on myself (not that it would have changed anything if I didnt say that).

My husband is starting to realize that I really am pregnant. Not that he doubted it, it is just taking a little while for it to really sink in. We sat in front of the fireplace by the Christmas tree yesterday and I read some of the Fathers section out of the "what to expect..." book. He has been talking about it a lot more, too. He has always said he was excited (which I know he is) but it hasnt really sunk in until the past weekend. Maybe seeing his wife running to the bathroom and laying on the couch ready to throw up all the time is what did it! He is gone through the week and home on the weekends so he doesnt see me much lately. I think the 4 day weekend seeing me sick is what did it. We had more time to talk about the baby too.

My first appointment is a week from tomorrow. I am excited for that! Oh, I also found out today that one of my friends is pregnant and due two weeks after me! It will be fun to have someone else nearby at the same stage of pregnancy as me!


sara said...

I can't believe your 8 weeks already! Then again, I used to giggle when people said stuff like that to me when I was puking or not feeling the greatest because inside I was like...I feel way more pregnant than 8 weeks, LOL! But honestly..I hope you have a great appointment coming up and speed towards that 2nd tri when hopefully you'll feel like a million bucks compared to now :-)

nancy said...

~giggle~ - told ya! ~Wink~