Friday, December 12, 2008


So I posted about the hematoma on my myspace blog and a girl that is on there as a friend (actually, she is just someone I went to school with, we have never been friends, just acquaintances) replied to my post. She said that (my complications) is why she isnt sure if she wants kids, she is afraid that she will have complications because she has had FOUR abortions!!! Four! Come one, at what point do you learn your lesson and use some BIRTH CONTROL! She has been married for 10 years or something like that, all were with her husband, but really, quit being so selfish and take responsibility! I am pro-choice and think that everyone needs to choose for themselves, but I do have a problem when people use abortion as birth control. Isnt there a limit on that? She went on to say that "birth control just doesnt work for us" and "I am as fertile as it gets, it sucks". Well, regardless of how fertile she is, she can find some kind of birth control that works. And if ONE doesnt, then double up. Use the pill AND a condom or something. She has also commented before that she doesnt want to give up smoking pot for 9 months so she isnt sure if she wants to have kids. So my guess is, they get high and dont use birth control properly because they arent necessarily in their right mind. Voila! She gets pregnant, then just says "oh well, I'll have another abortion". How totally irresponsible! So many people want children SOOOO bad and arent fertile at all! She should be a little more responsible with her 'fertileness'.

Sorry this is such a rant, but that email just really pissed me off. Once your are in your 30's and get pregnant WITH your husband, I really think you need to quit being selfish and own up to your actions. Ok, I'm done venting.


Selmada said...

I get you. I so totally get you.

And to make it worse, she knows you've struggled and even though you are pregnant now, does she have to brag about her fertility that she doesnt even want!?! Sheesh.

Starr Morgan said...

Exactly, Selmada!! If I hadnt yet gotten pregnant, I probably would have gone off on her. So insensitive!

Jo said...

uh, yea, she's clearly lost too many brain cells. I say block her from your page!! Seriously, that deserves a major rant!